AutoStem blasting cartridges are waterproof to a depth of over 50 meters

The AutoStem 35mm range of cartridges has been utilised on numerous occasions in deep sea and harbour salvage as the preferred under water blasting cartridge globally, qualified as 1.4s UN 0323 and UN 0432

The highest profile under water project to which AutoStem has supplied cartridges has undoubtedly been the salvaging of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy.

Concern regarding explosives controls was mitigated by the import of AutoStem 1.4s UN 0323 (and UN 0432) Cartridges.
No explosive accessories were required on board, facilitating a security free and safe environment
No environmental risk was tolerable and AutoStem cartridges give off no leached materials or harmful residue
The avoided shockwave catered for safe blasting 

There was no other solution available that could offer the inherent safety, efficacy, and ease of use that AutoStem offered the project.

AutoStem has also supplied product into numerous other underwater blasting projects globally where environmental and security concerns dominate the project, or where harm to sea life must be avoided. The ease of use and safety of AutoStem Cartridges makes the technology a blasting diver’s preferred blasting product.