Performance Characteristic of AutoStem Gen III

The AutoStem 87mm x 1700g cartridge is the world’s most powerful rock breaking cartridge. Available with and/or without the AutoStem rotary safety lock, and available in electric or shocktube options it is our most versatile cartridge yet.

  • Usable in conventional explosive blast holes to varying depths.
  • Particularly effective in environments where zero fly rock is permissible
  • Use of the AutoStem 87mm cartridge is the single most effective way to reduce PPV in bench blasting applications
  • Blasting with AutoStem 87mm cartridge permits one to remain along with equipment, on-the-bench, when blasting due to inherent safety

Safe bench blasting without flying debris or shockwave vibration

The AutoStem 87mm x 1700g cartridge is the only product of its kind that reliably will heave out a bench at significant depth without the need to remove equipment or personal due to risk of vibration or debris damge.