Safe Green Mining Technology Pvt. Ltd (SGMT) was incorporated on 4th July 2013, with its office in New Delhi. We offer exclusively Auto Stem Safety Cartridges – Generation 3, a world class, innovative, rock breaking technology to the mining, infrastructure & defence sectors in India. Auto Stem Non-Detonating Safety Cartridge is a proprietary patented product of Non-Detonating Solutions (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, the sole owners of the global patent for the Cartridge and the Self-Stemming Technology.

Auto Stem Cartridges have been used in India for works related to Roads, Tracks, Airports and Defence. Auto Stem Cartridges are in process of being utilized in a prestigious tunnel project shortly. Demonstrations are slated across many sectors. Our Team has been trained in South Africa.

SGMT is the sole and exclusive authorised representative of NDS (Pty) Ltd. South Africa for India and has exclusive rights for import, storage, sale, distribution, usage and subsequent manufacture of this technology in the country. SGMT intends to proliferate this green and safe technology in all aspects of mining, infra and defence. The company will manufacture the patented cartridges under the PM’s make in India policy.

Mission & Vision Statement

We intend to bring in and introduce a safe, eco-friendly cutting edge technology to the mining, infrastructure and defence sectors in India.

Our vision is to set a high professional standard, work ethics and environment for investment, development, promotion and innovation to meet the future mining, infrastructure and defence  challenges in India.  

We aim to extend our expertise and contribute to Indian economy by introducing the Auto Stem Technology that hastens the infrastructure development while keeping national security, environment and personal safety a  top priority.


To manufacture the AutoStem cartridges in India for export and internal use  while propagating excellence and safety in the field of explosive and demolition engineering.