Technical Parameters: Conventional Explosives vs Autostem

  • AutoStem products were designed to blast out the hardest of rock conditions with an inherent stemming capability and higher energy rating than conventional packaged explosives.
  • Product can be used with or without explosive accessories depending on whether sequential firing (timed firing) is required or not. Multiple cartridge sizes and lengths are also available to cater for wide variety of blasting dimensions

Performance Comparison: AutoStem vs Conventional Explosives

The video below shows the performance difference between the AutoStem and conventional packaged explosives. Less dust, no flying debris, no shockwave vibration into the hanging- and footwall, AutoStem products can offer you a sensitive blasting solution optimising on cycle times, blasting efficiencies and safety.

Approximation of Q-values: fragmentation size based upon power factor use

35mm dia: 300g x 40cm length

43mm dia: 550g x 42cm length

87mm dia: 1700g x 35cm length